The Olfactory pyramid is all about notes!

Understanding how a perfume works means entering an olfactory pyramid and grasping the subtlety of all the notes.

How does it work exactly?

The tip of the pyramid is composed of head notes, the middle of heart notes, and the base of base notes. These notes blend together and match to create a unique olfactory signature. It’s a real musical score.

All of these notes gradually evaporate at different speeds depending on the size of the molecules.

Let’s take the head notes. This is what we smell first, they are the most volatile so they are temporary and only last a few minutes, but this is often enough for them to work their magic…

Thankfully, the heart notes are here to last and make the scent hang around all day. These notes represent the character of the perfume. The heart of the reactor.

Then you have the base notes, which slowly evaporate, set the perfume and ensure fullness.

These 3 note families make up the Solinotes olfactory pyramid in each of our creations. It is our goal to mix them together to create fabulous harmonies.

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